Monday, March 6, 2017

Fashion Shots : Green or Blue ?

Hello !

This weekend I went to Epinal with my husband, to set up our stands at Senyu !

We had a lot of fun and met great new people, and also thank you to everyone visiting our stands ! Many of my pieces are now sold out, so be prepared to welcome the new collections !
Our steampunk neighboors were super nice. Even if they have put Gizmo in a cage. 😄

 So let's talk a bit about fashion now 😊

I decided not to wear lolita fashion to this event, so I took my two beloved Collectif dresses I recently got.

It was impossible for me to choose between green or blue, so I took both !

Which one do you prefer ?

Like the Green ?

Or the blue one ?

Details :

Photo : Julien Chantôme :

Earrings and necklace : Bonbon Maléfique :

Ring : Fables :

Clothing : Collectif :

Shoes : Clarks :


  1. Ceci dit je vois bleu et violet moi...

    1. C'est le traitement de l'image qui modifie un peu les couleurs, mais c'est bien vert et bleu en vrai