Friday, August 5, 2016

What happened ? - Reflexion about Lolita

Hello frillies ! 

Since a few days I got numerous messages from followers and friends, asking "What happened ?" when they saw that I was selling (a quite big) part of my Gothic Lolita wardrobe (You can click on the "Shop my closet" link to see the items I'm selling, if you might be interested).
Some people were also surprised at the change of my blog layout (Thank you to my lovely husband Julien Chantôme for all the pretty banners !). Don't make a heart attack ! haha.

Plus I had disappeard for over a week, but if you followed my Instagram, I was just on holidays in Spain.

Don't worry, nothing happened, I don't leave Lolita Fashion. I love it since over 10 years and my love for this fashion is not decreasing at all. It is just that since a few months I feel that I need some change. I have been wearing the same things for almost 10 years and I start to get bored with some of the aspects of my style. 
As you may know, before wearing lolita I was wearing Goth fashion, so I was already wearing stuff with crosses and only black clothes. Now I just feel bored with all the "darkness" and gothic imagery. It's not as magical anymore as it used to be. Sometimes I open my closet and I don't even know what to wear anymore (fortunately I have a lot of floral dresses I still love !). At first I thought that I started to loose interest in Lolita, but no, I'm just tired of the too gothic side, the crosses, the too high heels and platform shoes.

Of course I will continue to wear mostly black and dark colored clothes, but I feel like it's time to get rid of the "too gothic" image I'm still carrying.
People in the street often mistake me for a gothic person. Actually I don't care, but that means that I look "goth".

I would like to have a different image now. I always liked the classical lolita style, particularly for its Victorian inspiration, which is something I love, but I don't know why I have never worn it. Maybe because the gothic style seemed "easier" to me, as I was used to dark fashions. But now I feel ready for a change. I already got new babies in my wardrobe, I'll show them to you soon !

I leave you with this colorful picture :

Photo : Cute colorful sculpture before Harajuku Cute Cube - Tokyo, Japan, June 2015

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