Sunday, December 7, 2014

Petite joueuse du dimanche - Video Game Sunday : Tomb Raider

Hello !

It's Video Game Sunday time ! Let's continue with our favorite childhood games and memories. Today we're going back in 1996, when we saw Lara Croft for the first time.
Haa the first Tomb Raider game, with its stunning 3D environments, and the beautiful Lara...
We loved this game, despite its difficulty sometimes... But who didn't loved Tomb Raider ?

Sadly Tomb Raider 1 aged very badly... The levels look like a bunch of bricks packed together and Lara seems to be drawn with a ruler (Her breasts look so triangular that even the best bullet bra in the world can't make you look like this !). But well, it's 1996. The game is still very interesting and a pleasure to play.

Here is a small video of the gameplay ! With the famous Tomb Raider music.

Bonjour !

C'est l'heure du Video Game Sunday ! Continuons avec les souvenirs et jeux préférés de notre enfance. Aujourd'hui nous allons faire un petit voyage en 1996, souvenez vous la première fois que nous avons vu Lara Croft...
Haa le premier Tomb Raider, ses graphismes en 3D époustouflants et la belle Lara... On l'adorait ce jeu, malgré sa difficulté... Mais qui n'aimait pas Tomb Raider ?

Malheureusement il a très mal vieilli... Les niveaux ressemblent à un amas de briques et Lara est limite tracée à la règle (Sa poitrine est tellement triangulaire que même le meilleur bullet bra du monde ne pourrait pas vous faire ressembler à ça !). Mais bon, c'est 1996 quoi. Le jeu reste très intéressant et est toujours un plaisir à jouer.

Une petite vidéo du gameplay ! Avec la fameuse musique de Tomb Raider.


  1. Bullet Bra.... J'ai du googliser .... vous portez de d'ces trucs les filles XD
    Tomb Raider c'est mon tout premier jeu de playstation il etait offert avec!!!
    Que de souvenirs!!

    1. Hahaha XD c'est super confortable en plus. Bref.
      Les Tomb Raider sur ps1 sont tous géniaux, on s'en lasse pas malgré qu'ils piquent les yeux

  2. XD I remember the graphics quite well. But back then, that was top quality lol. I do agree with you that it really did age horribly. But it was still fun. Loved the music too. I played the series up till Last Revelations and gave up on the series ^^;

    1. I played almost all of them but I have to admit that I have been quite disappointed with the Crystal Dynamics ones, Legend is okay, but the ones after it, I don't know, they lack of something... I prefer Uncharted.

  3. Hello,It was uncommon to discover a 3d game back in the day,yet TOMB RAIDER is a 3d game.The graphics are dated and really terrible by today's norms.Things seem level/squashed and even turn around in the event that you circled them!There is little detail on the dividers and floors either.In any case,Lara's developments are exceptionally realistic; not at all like even games of today,you need to make a 90 degree turn to turn around.You don't simply press the down catch on your cushion and you are immediately confronting the other direction.Lara's speed is likewise extremely realistic.Have a nice day.~Betty Allen.