Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holidays in Japan : Walking around in Tokyo

Hello !

Another Japan post ! There will be two other ones, and then I will have posted all the pictures of our trip !
Warning, picture heavy !

Bonjour !

Un autre post à propos du Japon ! Il en aura encore un ensuite, et j'aurai posté toutes les photos de notre voyage !
Attention, post lourd, beaucoup de photos !

Silly faces.

Scary park at night

These pictures were taken in the street of our hotel (Hatagaya). You can see the restaurant where we loved to eat in the evening.
The little birds were such an adorable idea !

Funny ad. I don't know what the product was.

Famous Hachiko statue.

Tokyo Station in Dutch style

Haha. Tourist picture and Imperial palace. Like the "Doge" would say, very Japan, much tourist.

A little bit of funny french ? It has been a while !
Un peu de franponais, parce que ça faisait longtemps !

No childish people admitted here.

And to end this post, a little hint about the next one ? 
Et pour terminer ce post, un petit indice pour le suivant ? 

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  1. Oh le fou rire XD "no childish people admitted here" hahahaha