Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fashion Shots : Spring flowers !

Hello !

Spring is finally here, along with new jewelry on my site, and a cute new advertisement my husband and I made with a paper toy, I'm sure you have seen it on Instagram and Facebook !

Isn't it cute ? It was very fun to make.

We also made a small photoshoot to show what the newest jewelry looks like !

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I got this dress from Collectif, it's so perfect for spring, and also it looks really great with green jewelry, and also stockings with green seams I got from What Katie Did ! These colored seams stockings are such a good idea !

Details :

Photo : Julien Chantôme :

Earrings and necklace : Bonbon Maléfique :

Clothing : Collectif :

Stockings : What Katie Did :

Shoes : Clarks :

Monday, March 20, 2017

Urban Decay - All Nighter Liquid Foundation

Hello !

 Revealing a little beauty secret today !

I recently tried a new liquid foundation I got from Urban Decay.

It is really hard for me to find a foundation with the right color, as I have a very light skin and don't use bronzer or anything to look tan. I really like my light skin color.

While shopping I found this 0.5 shade in the All Nighter range by Urban Decay and decided to give it a try as it seemed to be light enough.

I was a bit afraid at the beginning because I had read in some reviews that the product was oxydating itself during the day and became darker. And as I didn't found a similar shade in another range I still decided to buy it. After all, it might depend of the skin type.

I'm more used to BBcreams than to foundation. I can't even remember last time I used liquid foundation. So it felt a bit heavy the first days but then I got used to it.

The color did not change or anything during the day, which is a good point, so if you have read reviews saying it does, I would recommend you to still try, because it might not happen on you.

I'm very happy of my purchase. This foundation is great when you are a photo model or make videos, as the coverage is ideal and your skin appears perfect. Even scars are covered, only a small drop of product is enough.

Make up made with

Monday, March 6, 2017

Fashion Shots : Green or Blue ?

Hello !

This weekend I went to Epinal with my husband, to set up our stands at Senyu !

We had a lot of fun and met great new people, and also thank you to everyone visiting our stands ! Many of my pieces are now sold out, so be prepared to welcome the new collections !
Our steampunk neighboors were super nice. Even if they have put Gizmo in a cage. 😄

 So let's talk a bit about fashion now 😊

I decided not to wear lolita fashion to this event, so I took my two beloved Collectif dresses I recently got.

It was impossible for me to choose between green or blue, so I took both !

Which one do you prefer ?

Like the Green ?

Or the blue one ?

Details :

Photo : Julien Chantôme :

Earrings and necklace : Bonbon Maléfique :

Ring : Fables :

Clothing : Collectif :

Shoes : Clarks :

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fashion shots : Back then in Hogwarts...

Hello !

I had some fun this weekend with my husband and a friend, making a Harry Potter themed photoshoot, as we had the idea since a while.
And I'm a proud Ravenclaw !

Photoshop fun also, haha !

Say hi to your new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher haha. Kept the old scarf tho, so you think I'm cool.

And if you like the outfit, hype in on lookbook. Or I'll remove points to your house.

I wanted to wear a Lolita dress first, because I have a nice Victorian Maiden black and blue one, but this 50s shaped dress from Collectif inspired me more, as it's longer than a Lolita dress.

Quick view on the accessories, necklace and earrings from my shop Bonbon Maléfique, and one of my beloved Fables rings by the fabulous Marti Heil. It says something interesting. 💍

And now some epic photos we took in Strasbourg during the afternoon. Thank you to my sister in law for the wand.
Taking pictures in the street with professional photography gear is always funny, as people believe you are famous 😄

Details :

Photo : Julien Chantôme :
Coat : Victorian Maiden :
Dress : Collectif :
Scarf : Warner Studio Tour :
Belt : Ebay
Glasses :
Earrings and necklace : Bonbon Maléfique :
Ring : Fables :
Shoes : Falbalas :
Suitcase : Vintage